Yeager's Tree Farm

Most trees on Yeager’s Tree Farm are sheared “by hand” by the family shear crew consisting of John W., Link, Mark, Sue, Katie, Robby and Thomas (a.k.a. “top man”). At times, the taller trees require use of the power trimmer, but care is taken to make sure the shape of the tree is perfect. There are nearly 10,000 trees to choose from on the farm! Yeager’s Tree Farm also offers beautiful wreaths and greenery to decorate your home.

Douglas Fir: available 5 feet - 11 feet

Douglas Fir is a very popular Christmas tree choice and Yeager’s Tree Farm has thousands of them to choose from. The Douglas Fir has a pleasant Christmas Tree fragrance and limbs strong enough to hold your ornaments. Oh and by the way, the needles are soft – not so prickly – great for the kids to decorate. The tree will retain its needles with proper watering for weeks. Trees fresh cut in early December can last beyond New Years!

Fraser Fir: Limited Selection Available

Fraser Fir is also a popular choice for Christmas trees on display. Similar to the Douglas Fir, it also has soft needles and strong branches to hold ornaments.

Blue Spruce: not available this year

A good old fashioned Christmas deserves a good old fashioned tree! The Blue Spruce has a beautiful blue-silvery color! It can hold heavier ornaments. But take care the needles are a bit prickly which should keep the kids and cats out of it! John W. recommends cutting spruce trees after December 7th.

Norway Spruce: not available this year

This variety of spruce has a deep green color. Its needles are a bit softer than the Blue Spruce, but still kind of prickly. Strong sturdy branches will hold those heavy ornaments! John W. recommends cutting spruce trees after December 7th.

White Pine: available 6 feet - 12 feet

The grand old Christmas tree of choice, The White Pine has longer needles. Branches can support your lighter ornaments along the edges, the heavier ones toward the middle. White pine trees have a great Christmas tree fragrance!

Tree Care