Yeager's Tree Farm

Tree care tips to keep tree needles on through New Year’s!

Be sure the tree has a fresh cut (less than an inch) before placing in your tree holder.

NOTE: If you plan to wait to put your tree up, place your tree outside in a bucket of water until decorating time, and then make a fresh cut across the bottom before you bring your tree inside.

If you have your tree drilled for a Christmas tree stand with a pin be sure your fresh cut isn’t more than an inch or your drilled hole may become too short to hold the tree up.

Never let the trunk dry out – be sure to keep water in your container.

The first few days, your tree will “drink” 1-2 gallons of water.

Using a larger container will ensure you can provide enough water.

If you prefer to have that annual putting the tree up argument, stop reading here – some habits are hard to break. If you want to have your tree up in minutes continue on….

Nothing works better than the Christmas tree stand which requires a drilled tree. (Tree stands are available for purchase at the farm). The trees are vertically drilled at the Farm. To put up your tree, place the tree’s drilled hole on the pin and voila, the tree is up! A onetime investment in this stand can be used many years to come, just get your tree drilled when you pick it out.

Using a tree skirt will help protect your floor from tree sap.

Taking the tree down. Ask for a tree disposal bag at the Farm to help contain the needles that are bound to come off once you are ready to take your tree down.

Find a lake as real trees make great fish habitats. Check your community for local recycling programs.